Wednesday, 13 March 2013

The Eighth Circle of Hell by Gary Dolman

As I have already posted, I have been signed up for a four book deal with Thames River Press. Naturally I am very interested in the work of their other authors, and I can truly say that I'm very impressed to be the company of the incredible Gary Dolman. Here pasted below, is a review I gave of his recent publication, 'The Eighth Circle of Hell, and it truly is a stuning work.

Highly recommended and I wish I could give this book 100 stars.

If you are initially shocked by the subject matter - child abuse in the nineteenth century - please do not be. Set in the nineteenth century, the book is written with immense literary skill, and is never lurid, descriptive or erotic. It merely tells the sad, sad, psychological story of poor little Lizzie, used as a sexual rag doll by her revolting upper class Uncle, and his inner circle of perverted businessmen. Written in the same vein as Diane Setterfield’s The Thirteenth Tale, and The Suspicions of Mr Whicher, the story begins at the end of her life, and, through a series of chronological flashbacks, explains her long miserable years of terror, and resulting dementia. Any more details will give away the cleverly constructed plot, and I can assure you that every word, including the end, is wholly satisfying. Congratulations to Gary Dolman, and I would hope that Esther Rantzen might hear about it, and endorse it. In addition, how tragic it is that in our own times there are so many trials and enquiries currently in the headlines, concerning child abuse. How far have we come from the hidden agendas of the Victorian age? `The Eighth Circle of Hell' should be shortlisted for every prize going, and I look forward to reading more novels from this author.



Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Good News

I am really pleased to announce (at last) that I have signed a four book contract with Thames River Press. I am so pleased, and I guess it's a case of 'never give up hope'. They will re-issue A Man Like Any Other this autumn, as a completely new book, with a different title and cover Who Was Angela Zendalic' in spring 2014, Max MacCauley: All He Ever Wanted Was A Quiet Life in autumn 2014, and a re-issue of The Crowded Bed in spring 2015. I am also currently re-writing A Seriously Useful Authors Guide to Marketing and Publicising Books for New Generation Publishing, so I'm very busy. More news to come as things come together. Mary

Thursday, 18 October 2012

Change of Plan

Currently, the plan to self-publish Angela is on hold, as I am investigating another very interesting possibility . . . . I can't give away too many details,but watch this space and some news may be announced.

Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Hallo after an age away!!

It is many months since I've blogged, and I'd like to thank those of you who still look me up - and there are quite a few which is great news. My time has been spent in many ways. Firstly my literary agent and I parted company back in the new year - my decision not hers. I won't go into any details, as it's unprofessional, so let's just say it didn't work out. Thus, I have spent a great deal of time and effort trying to find a publisher for my fourth novel, 'Who Was Angela Zendalic' but haven't been successful (so far). Currently the plan is to bring it out myself in March next year. It's a great read and therefore so worth it. I've already tried it out to test readers and the feedback has been 100% positive. I will be posting my journey as it happens, so do keep in touch. Be back soon, Mary

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


I haven't updated the blog site for such a long time, have I? This is largely due to the exhaustion I felt on completing 'Max' and having a rest over Christmas. I really needed that break more than I realised. The three intensive months of completing Max rather took it out of me, and I still feel quite depleted with energy.

I am spending my time now taking the publicity of Max at a steady pace, sewing gardening and spending some time on relaxation. I am also perfecting Novel Four - Who Was Angela Zendalic
Do check back in a couple of weeks when I have 'recharged my batteries'.

Thursday, 24 November 2011

E-Book Diary (7)

Well, I think the e-book process is, at last, coming together, and I am beginning to understand what its all about.

The formatted version of Max was sent to me by e-mail. However, I couldn't open it up and have a look as my computer 'doesn't recognise' its format. Quite normal, I'm told.

The correctly sized cover was sent to me, 600x800 pixels, as directed by Amazon and I'm very pleased with it.

I discovered an independant firm in Oxford who specialise in producing e-books and setting them up on Amazon, and they agreed to come to my house and do the necessary. This was done on Wednesday.

Firstly there was some technical tinkering to get the formatted version converted to Adobe, and something else, for Amazon. Wisely I kept out of this part as I couldn't have grasped it. Once you have opened a KDP (Kindle Direct Publishing) account, and filling in your bank details (I did this all on my own so it really is easy) you are ready to complete the loading up form.

We firstly had to choose royalties - 70% or 35% - and there are some guidelines on this. I have gone for 70%, and a purchase price of £2.95, (but VAT has to added to this initially). The price has to be put up in dollars as well, but there is a conversion chart to follow.

There is also a para to put up to advertise your book - the same sort of blurb that you would put on the back cover of a paperback. I slapped something up rather quickly and it really needed much more thought and preparation. It needed to be changed, so more of that later, when it's been done successfully.

Anyway, the e-book winged its way off into space and I was told that it wouldn't show up for 24 hours. Currently the US version only is showing up, but as I made some changes to my 'blurb' this is likely what's causing the delay.

There are still some things to do - like working around a form to exempt you for US tax (alot more on that to come). Also, we didn't get round to doing an 'author page', so that too, will be for later.

Anyway, that's all folks, for now, and I will be back soon with news of the completed process.

Saturday, 19 November 2011

Saturday, 19 November 2011

New Blog

You will all see that I have a re-vamped blog. This has been done to co-ordinate with my new website, that will be fully operational very shortly.

Current position of the e-book. The formatted text and cover are completed. However, having read the excellent guidelines from Amazon (several times) as to how to put the book up for download, I still don't have the confidence to do it myself. Thus I am trying to find an expert who will come to my house and sit with me while we do it together. This is the only way I'll have the confidence that it will work.

I hope its not too long, as I am now very anxious to get the job finished.